Factors that Determine the Selling Price for iPhone 5

If you have a used iPhone 5 that you want to sell, you most definitely want to know what determines the selling price for iPhone 5. There are many people that are using iPhone 5. Considering the fact that iPhone 6 series’ prices are set to go down with the launch of the latest iPhone model this September, some of these Apple fans are thinking about selling their iPhone 5. Selling an iPhone 5 will not be hard in the next months or weeks because the demand for used iPhones will be high. However, if you wait longer you will sell your iPhone 5 at a lower price because there will be a high supply of used iPhones in the market. Generally, the selling price of a used iPhone 5 is determined by several factors as our iPhone resale experts explain.

Condition of the iPhone 5

The condition of the iPhone 5 that you want to sell influences its selling price. This implies that if your iPhone 5 has scratches on its body it will sell at a lower price. Similarly, if it has a broken screen or internal issues, it will sell at a lower price. It is therefore advisable that you repair your iPhone 5 first if it is damaged and you want to sell it at a higher price. Additionally, when your iPhone 5 is in good condition it will sell faster because most buyers look for devices that they can buy and use right away and right place.

Locked or unlocked status

The selling price for a used iPhone 5 is also determined by its locked or unlocked status. Basically, most buyers are looking for unlocked iPhones. When an iPhone 5 is locked, it means that it can be used with a single carrier network. However, if it is unlocked, it means that it can be used with different carries. An unlocked iPhone 5 can therefore be used in different geographical locations. As such, if your iPhone 5 is unlocked, it will sell at a higher price and sell faster.

Storage size

The storage capacity of an iPhone 5 will also influence its selling price. The larger the storage space the higher the selling price of a used iPhone 5. Therefore, while buying used iPhone  make sure that you know its storage capacity so that you can determine the best price to set for it depending on the other factors and the prevailing market price.

Reseller service

The reseller service that you use will also determine the price at which you can sell your used iPhone 5. This is because with some resellers, you have to pay a fee for using their service. This is why you should choose the iPhone reseller service to use to sell your iPhone 5 very carefully.

Basically, these are the major factors that determine the selling price for iPhone 5. To sell your iPhone 5 at the best price possible and with greater convenience, use our reputable online to sell your iPhone.